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We at Sea Merchants recognize our responsibility in leading the way to support the sustainability of our global marine ecosystem. We endorse the sustainable fishing practices that contribute to the health of the oceans.


The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is an independent non-profit labelling organization that establishes protocol on farmed seafood while ensuring  sustainable aquaculture. The ASC provides sustainable and responsible aquaculture producers with a stringent certification and labelling system guaranteeing to consumers that the seafood they are purchasing is sustainable for the environment, and socially responsible


The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent non-profit organization that sets a standard for sustainable fishing. Fisheries that wish to demonstrate they are well-managed and sustainable compared to the science-based MSC standard, are assessed by a team of experts who are independent of both the fishery and the MSC. Seafood products can display the blue MSC ecolabel only if that seafood can be traced back through the supply chain to a fishery that has been certified against the MSC standard.


HACCP - Hazard analysis and critical control points is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biologicalchemical, physical hazards and more recently radiological hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe and designs measures to reduce these risks to a safe level.

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